Bamboo Baby Pacifier & Toy Wipes—30 Count

$ 4.99

  • SAFELY CLEANS TOYS, PACIFIERS, BOTTLES, NIPPLES, CUPS AND MORE!: Perfect for toys or pacifiers that fall on the floor, large books or blocks that are sticky and full of germs. Just wipe and play! A unique formulation including Aloe Vera and Lemon Oil cleans and freshens naturally!
  • ULTRA-SOFT & EXTRA-STRONG BAMBOO WIPES: Most wipes are made from polystyrene or other fabric blends and they differ by what ingredients are mixed into them. Aleva Naturals Wipes are made with 100% rayon from bamboo which is cross-guarded to be ultra-soft and extra strong. The rayon from bamboo fibers are naturally anti-bacterial and DO NOT require any bleaching!
  • BIODEGRADABLE IN 21 DAYS!: Committed to sustainability, bamboo is one of the world’s fastest renewable natural resources!
  • 100% PLANT-BASED NATURAL & CERTIFIED VEGAN: Specially formulated for babies, these wipes are enriched with gentle, yet effective ingredients that are baby-friendly! FREE OF HARSH CHEMICALS: No Parabens, No phthalates, No phenoxyethanol, No SLS, No SLES, No chlorine, No dyes etc…
  • CONVENIENT & RESEALABLE PACK: Compact design and fits perfectly into a diaper bag or purse. Re-sealable pack keeps wipes moist for whenever you need them!
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Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Pacifier & Toy Wipes safely clean toys, pacifiers, bottles, nipples, cups and more! These extra strong, ultra-soft wipes contain a unique, baby safe formula that is made with natural and organic ingredients. The package is designed to fit neatly in a diaper bag and is a must for babies on the go!

As is true with all of the Aleva Naturals Wipes, the Bamboo Baby Pacifier & Toy Wipes are made of bamboo fibres that are safe, gentle and 100% biodegradable in 21 days! This gives parents the peace of mind that even when children chew on their toys, there is a safe way to clean them, which does not involve any harsh chemicals or toxins. While on-the-go, these Bamboo Baby Pacifier & Toy Wipes can be used to wipe toys, surfaces, pacifiers, bottles, nipples and more! The compact packaging design makes it easy to fit the pack in any diaper bag, purse or pocket!


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